Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Balancing Act plus Todays Wokrout

Wow its been a while. I cant believe there was a time I blogged so easily, so freely- and people were actually interested!! I'm constantly asked about my blogging- why did I stop? I have no real answer- other than life taking up my time! But hey if you want to read- go ahead..I'll do my best to post as often as possible- and not bore you with my life :) Disclaimer- this blog is not meant to inspire and uplift you with my deep insights and creative writing- I wont check spelling or grammer..I will...simply..type

I have a slight fear of blogging again- not sure where its coming from. Perhaps a fear of failure? A fear of letting people down- letting myself down? Not sure..but at the end of the day- we're all living in this world together- trying to get by and lead healthy happy productive lives- so why not share it- the ups and down- the good and the bad- and if we can help eachother and learn from eachother- than why not blog?
So-- as women, we have our hands full. Some of us are moms, wives, working moms, raising children- trying to balance the act of home, family, hapiness, work, husbands, friends- its never ending. Its not easy. Point blank. Sometimes the world is spinning in circles and so are you- you don't know when to stop- where to stop- is it ok? Can we slow down- are we allowed to slow down? Life just goes goes goes and we all just try and hold on to this roller coaster for dear life.

So YES, firstly- I'm a mother. I have 2 girls ages 4 and 7. I'm a wife. My husband runs a non-profit and I myself am a Realtor servicing the Conejo Valley. Everyone asks me "Do you still train?". I've spent 7 years of my life as a personal trainer. I've had my own success story of losing over 100 lbs after giving birth to my first child- and since then I've been a health and workout junkie. I eat clean every single day- with the exception of indulging a little over the weekend. I workout 6 days a week- and my workouts are always varied. I get bored very very easily so I always switch things up. Aside from my family- living a healthy lifestyle with food choices and exercise regimen is on top of my list. I believe that you must balance all aspects of you life- and being that women are the foundation of the home- we need to be healthy, we need to have energy, we need to feel good, and lastly as vain as it sounds- we want to look good. When we look good on the outside and feel good on the inside- we're unstoppable.
So yes- I still train. I'm lucky enough to have a home gym and my clients come to me in the morning. I've scaled down on the amounts of clients I train each day so I can give my real estate clients the attention they need- but through all the ups and down in my life- I've always kept up my fitness regimen and haven't slowed down the slightest.
So- for those interested..my workouts are usually some form of H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training)..I pick a cardio exercise that I use max amount of energy (high knees, burpees, mountain climbers, high knee plus mountain climbers, burpees with push ups, burpee with push up jump tuck, jumping jacks, weighted jumping jacks, get creative- the list goes on and on)

The Cardio you will be doing for 50 seconds to 1 minute straight following every exercise..and each exercise is also done for 50 seconds to 1 minute straight..

So example:
Left leg lunge with left arm shoulder press 50 SECONDS
Right leg lunge with right arm shoulder press 50 SECONDS
Weighted Deep Squat pulses (hold a 15-20 lb weight- squat low and pulse it there for 50 seconds)
Bosu Push up with knee in (Use a bosu ball- do a push up, then bring left leg out to left elbow- push up again- right knee to right elbow)


Burpee left leg step ups with 15 lb weight (do a burpee grab weights- step up left leg onto a bench)
Burpee right leg step ups with 15 lb weight)
Upright row shoulder press
High plank low plank 4 push ups (start in low plank, press up to high plank, down to low plank, high plank- then do 4 push ups)


Left leg weighted butt lifts (get on all fours, place a heavy weight behind your knee- and press your left leg directly up to the ceiling)
Right leg weighted butt lifts
Squat bicep curl
Flutter Kicks


This workout will take you approximately 45 minutes..make sure to warm up for a few minutes before with a light stretch, and do a cool down stretch immediately following.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Merry Monday!

Workout: clients- cardio- upper body weights- planks- sprints- was wiped out this morning so did very little with my clients personally- but they left huffing and puffing so mission accomplished.
Shopped at traders- stocked up on fruits-veggies- chicken. Made a big chicken veggie soup that I love having all week whenever I need a quick bite and no time to prep anything. Grilled my chicken breasts- made turkey burgers- steamed my green beams- its all about the prep and having food easily accessible so take the time to prepare- will go a long way.
Bc I didn't work out this morning I asked a friend to come over tonight after kids are asleep to do yoga. My body is in desperate need of good stretching and I'm in desperate need of some calm breathing but no matter how many times I say I will work out at night it never happens! I'm a morning person and therefor must get them in in the am. Hence the invite- she comes I won't poop out.
Breakfast: apple- 2 eggs- almonds- coffee
Lunch: 2 bowls of soup
Gonna have an early dinner of grilled chicken breast- steamed green beans and a big fresh salad.
Yoga will be followed by a fruit salad and decaf lattes :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stroller essentials

Water- black iced coffee- almonds

Sunday mornin

Regardless of how good or bad I eat over the weekend my weight Is always up 3 lbs. it's a combination of different foods, more food, the crap, the drinks, the bloat, the salt- so Sunday I tend to eat super clean and super raw to bounce back easily. No clients today cuz no babysitter- had an apple and lemon water and taking girls on a long walk to Starbucks then the park..an example of a raw day would be 2 eggs with veggie for breakfast- few almonds as snack- salad with chicken or turkey for lunch- light dressing and no salt- steamed veggies with chicken or turkey for din- and fruit if I need at night- that's my usual sunday..

Friday, November 25, 2011


Had this about one- breakfast was steel cut oats- workout with client 2 was sprinting. Found a short route ran all out energy for 1 min. Walked 1 min. Did that for 30 min. Client 3 was indoor yoga. Mostly upper body and core moves- too much to write. Have a fabulous weekend!

Top of the Mornin to ya

Had my lemon water- grapefruit- trained first client- another one coming- then on route to my dance class (new addition) plus 2 more clients!! Gonna be a loooong one. Workout with client 1: hill sprint, dead lift with row, deep lunges, incline chest press, shoulder press all done 3x. Cheers to a relaxing weekend of not so much rest but quiet time alone with my kids :).
Tip for lemon water: juice a ton of lemons in beginning of week- pour in bottle and keep in fridge- so much more accessible than squeezing lemons every morning!